Taiho Oncology Europe GmbH strives to make a positive contribution to society and the environment. We support our local communities through charitable endeavors, and we work proactively to protect the environment by minimizing the environmental impact in every aspect of our work – from research and development to production, distribution, marketing, and disposal.

Furthermore, as a member of Otsuka Holdings, we are part of a group of companies that pursues initiatives that are shaped by mutual respect and open communication with all stakeholders, including customers and business partners in the countries and regions where we do business.

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Making a Positive Contribution

“We are proud to support patients through partnerships with organizations that share our company’s mission to improve awareness, prevention and access to quality care for cancer patients and the community at risk.”


Director, Patient Alliances of Taiho Oncology, Inc.

Taiho Cares

Taiho Cares

In 2010, Congress designated September as Blood Cancer Awareness Month to enhance understanding of the research, diagnosis and treatment of blood- related cancers. With approximately 10% of new cancer cases in the US being blood cancers, we are working diligently with our healthcare colleagues to advance patient care in hematologic malignancies. We are also passionate about supporting the various needs of patients with blood cancers and want to help ensure they as well as their family members and healthcare providers are familiar with the invaluable information, resources and services provided by patient advocacy groups.

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Patient Alliances

Patient Alliances

Within our Patient Alliances organization, we strive to understand the patient journey from diagnosis through treatment, incorporating the patient experience into the fabric of the company. We do this by actively engaging with patient advocacy organizations throughout clinical development and post-product launch to ensure we understand patient and caregiver perspectives and insights in the pursuit of advancing care. Additionally, Taiho provides funding support for patient and caregiver programs, initiatives, education and research.